Companies are purchasing insurance to manage the financial risks associated with ongoing or anticipated litigation

Litigation is costly and unpredictable, so senior management will be heartened to learn that insurance is available to limit the associated financial risks.

Aside from reducing the financial impact should a case be lost, the validation that comes from independent, experienced litigators at the insurer backing your claim by providing an insurance policy can be a source of comfort during the proceedings.

Harbour Underwriting can provide

  • Commercial dispute insurance to claimants, defendants or any other parties with a financial interest in the outcome of the case
  • Insurance to cover own side’s legal expenses, and/or own side’s disbursements, and/or opponent’s legal expenses and/or opponent’s disbursements
  • Insurance that is bespoke to your needs, with features such as the staging of premium payments tailored to your specific requirements
  • Policies insured by an A- (Excellent) AM Best rated insurer
  • Validation of your arguments by independent experienced insurance underwriters, potentially a source of great comfort to clients
  • Access to our sister company who can provide funding solutions
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