Rocco Pirozzolo

Managing Director and Underwriting Director

Rocco has been the underwriting director of Harbour Underwriting since its incorporation in 2016. He is also its managing director and oversees Harbour Underwriting’s strategy, client relationships and business development activities.

Rocco is a solicitor who has spent over two decades developing and providing insurance for a wide variety of legal disputes brought around the world. Apart from being a seasoned underwriter, he has also been a director in the investment team of Harbour Litigation Funding and so has huge experience of complex litigation risks.

Rocco is one of the leading figures in the dispute resolution community. Since 2003, he has served on the forums and committees of the Civil Justice Council, a statutory body responsible for overseeing and modernising the civil justice system. He has also been the Chair of The Association of British Insurers’ Legal Expenses Committee.

Rocco is the general editor of The Law Society’s Litigation Funding Handbook and the author of several of its chapters, including that on ATE insurance. He is the co-author of the chapter on legal expenses insurance in the practitioners’ textbook Friston on Costs.

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