Getting a quote

We endeavour to make this process as painless as possible

Our process is designed to get from enquiry to policy in a short timeframe. We know how important it is for you to have prompt and considered responses. Our underwriters are always happy to discuss a case before submission, and we will give you a quick answer at the initial review stage.

Contact a member of the underwriting team.

Please see the infographic below for the quote process.

We can provide you with an early indicative premium and terms, subject to the completion of underwriting, to make sure we are all on the same page.3We will need all of the appropriate information available to carry out a full case review, for example: A completed proposal form Copies of all Counsels opinion (or attendance note if Counsel advised in a conference) Pleadings, including applications and court orders Witness statements Expert reports4Once the premium has been collected the policy documentation will be issued.7Once you are happy with the terms offered, all of the outstanding information has been received, and the conditions met, cover will be incepted.65The legal case is submitted to us for review.Our contract certain quote sets out the cover offered, the conditions of acceptance (like the payment of an initial premium and tax, and any outstanding anti-money laundering checks), and the timescale for acceptance.This filter process enables us to let you know very quickly whether your case fits within our underwriting appetite and whether we have any conflicts, e.g. if we are already working on the case.Acceptance212

Working with us

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