Sharon Brown interviewed in Insurance Post

11 March 2021

Our managing director Sharon Brown sat down with Insurance Post this week to talk about Harbour Underwriting’s plans and the landscape of ATE commercial insurance. 

In the interview, Sharon discusses how awareness of ATE helps brokers to consolidate their position as risk advisers. 

“At some point in time your client is going to have a claim made against them, or they’re going to want to pursue a claim, for example, in respect of an intellectual property breach or trademark dispute,” she says. “The broker needs to have some knowledge about how they’re going to help their clients protect their financial exposure from either pursuing or defending a claim.”

Sharon also shares Harbour Underwriting’s plans to build on the momentum of its 200% GWP (gross written premiums) growth by increasing distribution with local brokers and staying focused on being a true specialist. 

The full article is available to subscribers here.

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