‘Mental wellbeing at work – the four key structures’: Sharon Brown speaks to Insurance Business

19 October 2021

Your physical health, home life, relationships and working life are the four key structures that underpin your mental wellbeing, according to managing director Sharon Brown in an article in Insurance Business.

Speaking to Insurance Business ahead of her panel appearance at Women in Insurance UK, Sharon said: “Everybody has faced certain challenges at some point in their lives, be that marriage, divorce, bereavement, a new job, new house, an illness or injury, a new baby, caring for someone, etc. Any of those things can be very stressful.”

The article explains that initiatives surrounding mental health at work go beyond just addressing workplace concerns.

“I’m interested in my team,” said Sharon. “I want to know what affects them, what impacts them, what makes them excited or makes them sad. I want to know if anything is affecting them (if they want to tell me), because maybe then I can do something to help. We spend so much of our lives working, I would encourage people to talk about all the facets of their life.”

Sharon will be discussing these and other issues as a panellist at Women in Insurance UK on 8 November at The Tower Hotel, London. The title of the panel discussion is ‘Strategies for a remote workforce: How insurance leaders can make a difference in mental health’.

You can read ‘Mental wellbeing at work – the four key structures’ in Insurance Business here.

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